Y-3 Black Y-3 Long Sleeve TeeY-3 Black Y-3 Long Sleeve Tee

Y-3 Long Sleeve Tee


Y-3 Black Y-3 Card HolderY-3 Black Y-3 Card Holder

Y-3 Card Holder


Y-3 Black Y-3 QasaY-3 Black Y-3 Qasa

Y-3 Qasa


Y-3 Black Y-3 Bomber JacketY-3 Black Y-3 Bomber Jacket

Y-3 Bomber Jacket


Y-3 White Y-3 RivalryY-3 White Y-3 Rivalry

Y-3 Rivalry


Y-3 White Y-3 KaiwaY-3 White Y-3 Kaiwa

Y-3 Kaiwa


Y-3 Black Y-3 ItogoY-3 Black Y-3 Itogo

Y-3 Itogo


Y-3 Black Y-3 Boston 11 ShoesY-3 Black Y-3 Boston 11 Shoes

Y-3 Boston 11 Shoes


Y-3 Black Y-3 Floral WalletY-3 Black Y-3 Floral Wallet

Y-3 Floral Wallet


Y-3 Black Y-3 GSG9 LowY-3 Black Y-3 GSG9 Low

Y-3 GSG9 Low


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Y-3's latest collection daringly reimagines the brand's signature codes

Bringing together the renegade spirit of Yohji Yamamoto, and the archival legacy of adidas, Y-3 once again recontextualises the codes of performance-inspired design. Take a moment to uncover the industry defining partnership as the avant-garde label presents a host of audaciously innovative looks – ripe for experimentation.

Step into the subversive world of adidas and Yohji Yamamoto

Dynamically revisiting its past in order to boldly confront the future, Y-3 invites you to reconsider the very nature of contemporary design. From expressive ready-to-wear garments to innovative footwear silhouettes, each collection from adidas and Yohji Yamamoto advances a disruptive vision – like only Y-3 can.

Uncover a defiantly rebellious spirit

Whether it’s unconventional cuts or progressive materials, Y-3 continues to reinvent itself with each season – drawing on the legacies of adidas and Yohji Yamamoto in order to propose a daring design language. But fear not, newness abounds as the brand's uncompromisingly avant-garde perspective takes timeless looks, and reimagines them for a hitherto unexplored future.