Women's football shoes

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Supportive high-performance women's football shoes for all surfaces

You can get pro-quality women's football shoes specifically designed for the surface you play on. Our soft ground boots have longer studs to find grip efficiently. Firm ground boots provide both grip and enhanced cushioning, and our artificial grass football boots have a distinct sections to help with swerve control. We also cater for indoor football players, with high-traction stud-less outsoles. These, like all our football shoes for women, have moulded EVA midsole cushioning for impact absorption. You can choose lace-ups or lace-less boots.

Pro-level football shoes for women

There's lots more advanced adidas technology in our football shoes for women. Our Power Facet forefoot structure redistributes weight forwards to add extra impetus as you strike the ball. Stretchy, slightly raised adidas PRIMEKNIT collars give you ankle support and make the boots easy to get on and off. Stretch tongues help with that too. Specific sections of our Zone Skin uppers have different contours and ribbed areas to deal with different types of ball contact. TPU outsoles on our firm ground women's football shoes help to stabilise your movement.

Getting the best from your football shoes

Looking after your boots depends on the material you choose. If you go for traditional leather, then care for them in the same way you would any other leather shoes. Our synthetic models don't need any special treatment ­– they're very resistant to wear, so you can wipe them down with a wet cloth or put those with plastic moulded studs in a machine wash. You can also buy replacement insoles right here.

Women's football shoes Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, if they’re designed specifically for women. One of the main differences between men’s football shoes and women’s is the size – men tend to have larger feet on average. But that’s not the only difference. Women’s shoes are generally narrower than men’s, to more accurately fit the shape of the female foot. They can also be somewhat lighter, but this will vary between designs.
Yes, absolutely. The important thing is that the shoe fits your foot securely, so if you find men’s shoes that fit you and feel comfortable then go for it.
If older children find that women’s football shoes fit them better than girl’s football shoes then it’s fine if they wear football shoes in women’s sizes. Just make sure that the shoe fits securely while also not being too tight for them.