Football Shoes

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These boots were made for playing

The adidas football shoes selection offer a range of features for you to enjoy when playing the great game. Colours such as red and blue come with shades of black and white, and the famous three stripes to play in style. Materials such as foam pods allow to play in comfort without any injuries so you can play the full season, and stretchy sock-like construction make boots a perfect fit. Discrete ribbed sections of the upper part of boots are designed for different type of ball contact so you can touch the ball down with ease and control and smash it right into the back of the net.

Football shoes to maximise your performance

The adidas football shoes will help all players of all abilities to play to the top of their game. Lightweight design helps to be as agile as you can to speed past your opponent towards the goal, or to tackle the attacker and boot it back up the field for a counterattack. Removable studs are designed so that your boots can be used both when playing competitively on the field, or when training or having a kick about on the AstroTurf or concrete. The studs and outsoles of these football shoes will keep you firm on the ground, and not slipping like Steven Gerrard.

Taking care of your football shoes

To make sure your football shoes last as long as possible and don’t fail you on the field, you must make sure to wear them on the correct surface. Concrete will wear studs away, so only wear studded boots whilst playing on grass. If the studs do begin to wear, you can replace them to ensure your boots don’t go in the bin and you can keep using them to peak your performance. If your shoes are looking dirty after a game or a few on the pitch, wash your boots by removing the laces first and put them on a cool wash in the washing machine.

Football Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

First, clean the excess dirt off the cleats with a hard-bristled brush, then firmly turn the cleats anticlockwise. To reattach the cleats, insert them into the holes along the bottom of the shoe and twist clockwise until they are tight.
Football shoes are commonly called ‘football shoes’ in the UK. They are also sometimes referred to as cleats, and as ‘soccer shoes’ in North America.
Football shoes without studs may be referred to as ‘studless football shoes’, ‘AstroTurf football shoes’ or ‘indoor football shoes’.