Football Shoes

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Football boots with superior technology for everyone

adidas football boots with the Carbitex Carbon Plate offer an opportunity to take advantage of the extra propulsion on the pitch and run circles around your opposition, gliding to the ball like you never have before. The Zone Skin Upper boots include distinct ribbed sections to improve your swerve and enhance the power while also offering superior support. Boots with a supportive agility cage provide extra stability to your movement, add reinforcement to the lightweight upper and ensure your foot stays stable during direction changes and explosive movements

Football shoes for every surface

Whether you’re playing indoor footie or outside on the pitch, the range of online football shoes from adidas offers exactly what you’re looking for to make the most of your game. If you’re playing indoor, lookout for football shoes with a Traxion outer sole for improved grip on flatter surfaces and offers stability for quick movements. Extended studs and a firm ground outer sole offer the right amount of support and stability for playing on an outdoor pitch. To help with weight distribution and an extra kick to your strikes, consider picking up a boot with the Power facet in the forefoot. A Primeknit collar will also offer extra stability and comfortable support.

Take care of them, they’ll take care of you

Keep your football boots clean and looked after to ensure you stay protected for longer. Hand wash your boots and remove excess dirt after every game to stop any erosion from happening. Steer clear of machine washing and extra hot washes to avoid warping of the shoes. Make sure to only wear your boots on the pitch or the indoor surface.

Football Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

First, clean the excess dirt off the cleats with a hard-bristled brush, then firmly turn the cleats anticlockwise. To reattach the cleats, insert them into the holes along the bottom of the shoe and twist clockwise until they are tight.
Football shoes are commonly called ‘football shoes’ in the UK. They are also sometimes referred to as cleats, and as ‘soccer shoes’ in North America.
Football shoes without studs may be referred to as ‘studless football shoes’, ‘AstroTurf football shoes’ or ‘indoor football shoes’.