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Options for everyone with adidas tennis shoes

Every tennis player has a different play style that might benefit from different features and technologies. With adidas tennis shoes, you can find a variety of options when it comes to all aspects of your tennis shoe, including the outsoles, uppers, and midsoles. For example, you can choose between a midsole that emphasises a balance between cushioning and bounce or a super-light midsole built to emphasise lightning-fast movement. You'll find different outsoles for different playing surfaces including more durable options specifically for hard court play or balanced options that can be used on all surfaces, including clay.

Kid's adidas tennis shoes

If you're looking to get a young person out on the court, one of the best ways to make sure they get the most out of their training is with a good pair of kids' adidas tennis shoes. You can find options in a range of styles so every kid can find a pair that suits their personality and makes them excited to lace up and step out onto the court. Comfortable midsoles provide gentle cushioning as they learn to serve and smash overheads and lightweight uppers help them move quickly. Parents can feel confident with the strong durable outsoles of these tennis shoes, which can withstand their kid's limitless energy on and off the court.

A little care goes a long way

With just a little bit of care it's easy to keep your shoes looking clean and fresh even after you've been putting them through their paces on the court. When the soles need a clean, such as when they've gotten some dirt or clay on them you can brush them gently with a soft brush, being careful to avoid the upper. Use a soft cloth and some gentle soap and water to dab any stains on the upper and then dab with just water to rinse. Always let your shoes dry completely before storing them back in their original box. 

Tennis shoes Frequently Asked Questions

The basic distinction is that sneakers are for casual use, such as walking. Tennis shoes are specialised footwear used for this sport.
A tennis shoe is essentially a lace-up shoe with vulcanized rubber soles and lightweight uppers, typically made of canvas or another textile. Made to handle sharp direction changes on the court.
Its outsole is the biggest factor when deciding which tennis shoe to go for. Tennis footwear can be categorized by the type of surface the shoe is designed to perform on. Another important consideration is the trade-off between comfort, durability, weight and stability.