Gym Shoes


Training shoes

adidas trainers have been designed to maximise your results in the gym, on the field and anywhere else you workout. It's all about agility, it's all about speed, and it's all about performance when you're chasing those gains.

Choosing the right trainers

When it comes to men's and women's training, we have every fitness regime and workout covered. All adidas trainers are made for specific training types and are designed to perfectly support the unique requirements for all men and women.

More with BOOST

Breakthrough BOOST technology maximises your performance with its energy-returning properties, while absorbing stress and impact in every step. It's available for men, women and kids trainer models for a variety of workout types and sporting activities.

Get those gains from the gym

Gym workouts may be done indoors, but that doesn't mean durability can sit it out. Those treadmills, jumps, and high intensity interval workouts also put your trainers to the test. Specifically made to withstand the many surfaces found in the gym, adidas gym trainers are built-tough with a robust outsole and excellent endurance levels. Get the support you need with our latest collection of training shoes

Take your cross training further

Cross training is all about intensity and versatility. And that's exactly what adidas cross trainers are about. Made for fast demanding moves, trainers in this category provide superior support and maximum durability. Experience your best results with the adidas cross training collection

Your sports game is covered

Sports shoes made specifically for your game are the best way to stay ahead. With advanced designs and the latest tech, adidas football boots, running shoes and basketball boots are made for the win.

The best trainers

Competitive training is serious business. Do it in style with the exclusive training shoes by adidas by Stella McCartney for women or Porsche Design Sport by adidas for men. Looking for something more casual? see our latest adidas low-top trainers as well as high-top-trainers.On adidas website you will find a variety of colour options including black and white trainers.