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The adidas men's gym training collection features pieces that have been carefully crafted using high-quality materials and creative flair to transform the way you feel when you work out. Maximise the effect of your workout with the great design and hardwearing fabrics found in our range of men's fitness gear. Breathable fabrics keep you cool, wicking innovation leaves your skin dry and original features are included to make your life easier – every time. You'll be more than ready for your next challenge with top-to-toe hardwearing men's gym clothes, shoes and accessories designed for the gym but good-looking enough for a social afterwards. Explore our selection of men's training gear and discover comfortable, high-quality looks that embrace fabric innovation to max out on style and comfort.
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Men Gym & Training Frequently Asked Questions

It’s important to wear men’s gym training gear made from a modern, sweat-wicking fabric to prevent you from overheating. The adidas range features wicking fabrics as well as ventilating and lightweight clothes and shoes.
If you’re looking to build muscle, consider choosing adidas designs that allow you to move completely freely so you are not distracted or restricted when executing overhead movements.
Try to build a men’s wardrobe for working out with three outfits. One in the wash, one ready to go and one that you’re wearing. If your training schedule is very busy you may need more than this. The adidas collection has top to toe gear and accessories for men to create the perfect capsule training wardrobe.