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Waterproof jackets from adidas are beautifully designed using the latest fabrics, so the weather doesn't have to be a barrier to your active lifestyle. Explore our range for stylish, under-stated designs in a range of colours, including blue, black, green and purple. Whether you go for a waterproof coat with Gore-Tex technology or adidas’ own Rain.Rdy membrane, you’ll remain dry and comfortable as you stay active. As well as standard rainproof jackets that keep your top half dry, you can get full-length and long versions that will provide comprehensive coverage. And of course, all of our waterproof jackets come with adidas’ unique style, including classic 3-Stripes and trefoil motifs. If you’re keen to do your bit for the planet while looking fashionable and staying dry, opt for a sustainable design that uses recycled Primegreen fabric.
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Waterproof Jackets Frequently Asked Questions

Many rain jackets are just highly water-resistant. This is because they need to have some breathability to allow heat and moisture to escape. They will nonetheless keep you dry in most conditions you’re likely to encounter. Heavy-duty raincoats are available which are 100% waterproof.
Yes, it is possible to get a fully waterproof jacket – these include heat-sealed seams to prevent water coming in as well as a water-resistant coating.
The waterproof level of a rain jacket is measured in terms of ‘hydrostatic head’ – the number of millimetres of vertical water pressure it can withstand. A jacket with a rating up to 5,000mm may be suitable for light rain and snow, while at 20,000mm+ you can expect to be protected from even heavy rain and wet snow under high pressure.