Fleece Jackets

Fleece jackets and tops are perfect if you're looking for activewear that keeps you warm and still gives you full freedom of movement. With sizes for men, women and children, you can kit out the whole family in adidas style for adventures big and small. Our fleece tops are available with or without hoods, with zip pockets, breathable fabrics and much more, so you can get one just the way you like it. Many of our fleece jackets are made from sustainable or recycled fabrics, so you can feel good about doing your bit for the planet while you wear them. You can also pick out a fleece top in your favourite colour as we’ve got a full rainbow to choose from, including blue, green, red and purple.
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Fleece Jackets Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, a fleece will help keep you warm even in winter as the fabric has air pockets that trap the heat from your body between fibres.
Wind-resistant fleece jackets are a great choice if you’re looking for maximum warmth, as they not only keep in the warmth but block the cold air from coming in.
Fleece jackets should ideally be neither too tight nor too loose, as you should have room to fit layers underneath and over the top. There is also an element of personal preference though, and regular fit, loose fit and slim fit fleece jackets are available.