Women's Running Shoes

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Women’s Running Shoes

Running is arguably the best form of fitness anybody can perform. Not only does it keep you fit by toning your body and working your endurance, it also means that you get to spend more time outdoors – so you’ll be refreshing your body with clean air and natural light. And when it comes to women’s running, adidas knows the importance of having the right shoes for the job, allowing you to run longer and more often.

Women's Running Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

Women's and men's running shoes usually differ in terms of width as men have wider feet than women. Some women with wider feet prefer to wear men's running shoes. As long as the shoes fit your feet well, you can wear whichever shoes you prefer.
The main difference between men's and women's running trainers is usually in the width. Women, in general, have narrower feet than men.
It depends on what sort of running you like to do. When browsing through adidas' collection of ladies' running trainers, you can filter for different features, technologies and sports to ensure that you add the right shoes to your basket. In general, running shoes with adidas' unique Boost technology are great running shoes for women. They deliver a comfortable cushioning effect and a fantastic energy return to keep your feet nimble for longer.