Football socks

Stride in style, with adidas football socks that have sweat-absorbing properties helping keep your feet dry. With breathable fabric, these socks provide a fresh feel as you rush to score.
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Football socks with the features you need

With adidas socks for football, you can keep your feet comfortable and aerated during the most intense moments on the pitch. Their elastic build, sometimes featuring our unique compression fit, hugs your legs in a relaxing way to provide your muscles with some handy support. Adding to your comfort are padded heel and toe areas, which protect your feet from any friction from your shoe’s interior. These football socks also incorporate a mesh insert, to maintain maximum breathability throughout your playtime. Further, the socks can keep sweat off your skin, thanks to moisture-wicking technology.

Better your play, with these socks for football

You stand to reap a string of benefits by adding adidas football socks to your gear. Firstly, you can avoid problems like socks slipping down with this footwear’s compression fit. Fewer distractions translate to increased focus in your match, hence better performance. The comfort afforded by the strategically cushioned parts of these socks for football also means you can enjoy your sport for lengthy periods without straining your legs. Since they absorb sweat, the socks are an asset to football lovers, keeping the feet dry over a match’s duration.

Making your socks more comfortable and durable

Using the lightweight adidas sock holders is an ideal way to derive greater comfort from your socks. For more cosiness, wear your socks with our turf or firm ground boots. Notably, taking care of these socks is no herculean task. Wash them with warm water and avoid ironing them. It would also help if you didn’t use bleach when washing your socks. 

Football socks Frequently Asked Questions

Dedicated football socks are best because they provide extra grip between your shoe and your foot. This will give you more control and reduce blisters. They are also more breathable and often wick moisture away from your feet.
Football socks are also known as grip socks or knee-high socks.
Most players wear their socks as high as the knee, ensuring that their shin pads are covered. Some players cut small holes in the back of their socks to reduce pressure on calf muscles.