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Sturdy materials combined with eye-catching designs come together to make our football balls ideal for hitting the pitch whenever you want to, with a ball that's durable and stylish.
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Head out to the pitch with our football balls

Having your own football ball means you can head out and train whenever you want to. Within our range you'll find a range of balls suitable for everyday use as well as options best suited for occasional use. A TPU surface provides impeccable feel and lets you put it through its paces. A range of different designs representing different leagues and teams are available.

Experience quality with our balls for football

Our football balls are designed to be durable and long lasting so they can accompany you to plenty of matches, training sessions and weekend catch ups. Options include butyl bladders that are built to retain air for long periods of time. That makes them ideal for balls that you're going to use consistently over a long period of time. Some of our match balls for football use a latex bladder, these options are softer and lighter, which means they give you a better feel for the ball. However, they will lose their air faster than butyl bladders so they're best saved for match days or occasional use. You can choose between machine-stitched options and hand-stitched options.

A football companion that lasts

With eye-catching designs and durable materials, our football balls are sure to be a football accessory you'll use again and again. To maximise your use there are a few things you can do to keep your new ball in good shape. Choose a ball based on your intended use. If you want to use it a lot, our butyl bladder options are best, while if you want something for occasional use you may prefer a latex bladder option. If you aren't going to use it for a while, storing it deflated will help it stay sturdy when you need it.

Football Balls Frequently Asked Questions

Leather balls were used widely until the late 1980s, when they were predominantly replaced by balls made of synthetic materials with similar qualities.
It is not clear who invented the very first football ball. The game has roots dating as far back as 4 millennia, with football-like ball games being played in ancient China, Greece and Rome. A football ball itself was mentioned for the first time in an English medieval book dating back to 1486.
The regulation size for a football ball is 22 cm in diameter, with a circumference of 68-70 cm. This is known as a size 5 ball, but smaller balls are available for children and for recreational purposes.