Football Shin Pads and Straps

Play with full power when wearing the ultimate in protection with adidas shin pads and straps. Designed to stay exactly where they need to be while taking hard hits so you don't have too.

Football shin pads for your protection

Whether it's game day at a stadium or you are heading to your team's weekly practice at the club, what's more, important than keeping your body running efficiently. Avoiding injury shouldn't be your main focus, however, it is when it comes to adidas football shin pads and straps. Let us take care of protecting you while you take care of the game. Super tough, lightweight, flexible shields provide a natural shape with adjustable hook-and-loop straps to keep your shin places securely in place, while EVA backing is in place to absorb high-speed impact with ease.

More than just shin guards

Protection during your game should not come at the price of performance. adidas shin pads and straps are specifically designed to support your game while keeping your body safe. EVA padding is moulded for the best possible fit while keeping movement and airflow to a max. Extra ankle padding provides extra stability, while separate compression sleeves are designed to hold them firmly in place. For ultimate protection add a pair of ankle covers and ankle straps to your kit. Designed to make 100% sure your pads stay in place, they are easy to put on and super lightweight, you won't even feel the extra layers while you play.

Football protection you can trust

From football shin pads and straps to ankle covers, stepping onto the field knowing you have made the right choice when it comes to avoiding injuries will ensure you play at your best. Boost your confidence further by looking your best at every game, and by caring for your shin guards after the game. Wiping them down with a warm damp cloth and a mild detergent is all you will need to keep your shin pads looking brand new. 

Football Shin Pads and Straps Frequently Asked Questions

Shin guards come in a range of sizes, but some footballers prefer smaller versions. This is usually because smaller pads provide greater mobility and flexibility. It’s important to ensure though that you get guards that are large enough to actually protect your shins in the event of a crunching tackle.
Shin pads are designed to protect footballers from injury, most notably the lower part of their leg, or shin. Shins are particularly vulnerable on the pitch because as well as being close to the area where any opposing player is likely to be going for the ball, the shins have little cushioning protection from body fat or muscle.
Children aged 7-14 will generally take medium sized kids’ shin guards (1-11.5 inch shin), while 12-18 year-olds may take a larger size (11.5-13 inches). When choosing, you should take into account their size.