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adidas shoes for girls come in an exciting range of colours and styles for sports and everyday wear. You’ll find a wide selection in many different sizes, colours and styles, suitable for changing needs as she grows. The adidas girls’ shoes collection includes a wide variety of lifestyle footwear that’s perfect for playing with friends or family day trips, including shoes from the iconic Classics, Stan Smith and Gazelle ranges. There’s even a range of girls’ kicks featuring all her favourite Disney characters. For little sports stars, you’ll also find an array of girls’ shoes for many different athletic activities, including running, basketball, football and badminton. And if she’s getting to an age where she’s concerned about the environment, many of our shoes are sustainably made, and vegan options are available.

Girls Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

Boys’ and girls’ shoe sizes are generally the same size, in terms of a boys’ size 4 will be the same as a girls’ size 4. There may be significant differences though in the shape and structure of the shoe that relate to the difference between girls’ and boys’ feet.
It varies from individual to individual, but foot growth will usually slow between the ages of 14 and 16, and stop entirely by around age 18.
It’s not advisable for girls to wear shoes that are significantly too big for them, as this may make it harder for them to walk, cause blisters and generally not be comfortable for them.