Shoes for babies and toddlers

Quality babies' and toddlers' shoes with easy slide-on and off mechanism, have laces or straps to secure them, and have light and flexible soles making them superb for youngsters.
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Attract attention with the latest range of babies' and toddlers’ shoes

Whether it is a crawl to the goal or a race to their first step, the adidas range of babies’ and toddlers’ shoes will have them doing it in style. Is it a classic Samba type you want for your boy or does your baby girl adore the Minnie Mouse style? The toughest thing you will have to do is make the choice. The Stan Smith cot range is soft, squishy and adorable and pays perfect tribute to the classic tennis shoe, with soft leather and tiny holes ideal for soft sensitive baby feet.


Playtime has never looked so cute, with this new range of kids’ shoes

The true spirit of adidas runs wild in the latest range of kids’ shoes. They can slip-on their favourite movie-designed racers or their new swim and sport sandals for a day on the coast. Help them feel like a superstar in their own themed boots; they will feel happy whenever they see their feet. They will become a fan for life while you watch your kids grow into stars, with adidas babies’ and toddlers’ shoes.


Designs created for the smaller adidas family

It is a lifestyle; it is a way of life. It is the right adidas shoe suitable for a kid who knows their way around the sports field. Let them try on some classic leather baseball high tops to not only improve their game but to have them be the smoothest kid on the court. They will run hoops around their friends, with all the latest fashions available to choose from. This range of kids’ shoes is durable and easy to care for too. Like Paolo Nutini sang, when you have got your new shoes on, suddenly everything feels right.

Shoes for babies and toddlers Frequently Asked Questions

All children develop at their own rate, but it’s best to get them shoes when they start to walk about. For many babies, this happens from around nine months-old onwards.
A size 1-2 shoe is generally suitable for six months-old babies. Shoes are by no means essential at this age though if they’re not yet walking.
Shoes for toddlers are important when they’re walking about as they protect their feet from hazards in the environment. It’s good to allow growing feet plenty of time without shoes too though, to give them a chance to breathe and develop naturally.