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World Cup balls

Al Rihla Mini Ball
Al Rihla Pro Sala Ball
Al Rihla Club Ball
Al Rihla Club Ball
Al Rihla Club Ball
Al Rihla Pro Winter Ball
Al Rihla Club Ball
Al Rihla Pro Beach Ball
Germany Al Rihla Club Ball
Al Rihla Club Ball
Al Rihla Club Ball
Al Rihla Training Hologram Foil Ball
Al Rihla League Junior 350 Ball

It all starts with a ball

Few things are as integral to football as the ball itself, and at the pinnacle of the game—the World Cup—a special ball is required to mark the occasion, one that has the characteristics befitting the level of football played. The next tournament will be played in Qatar, and the adidas-designed World Cup 2022 ball is named Al Rihla (The Journey). The ball symbolises not just the journey that the world’s top players have taken to reach this poing, but the journey that all footballers make when they touch the ball themselves.

Discover the World Cup 2022 official ball

Featuring a high-performance design with specially created speedshell panels and grooves for stability and aerodynamism, Al Rihla reacts beautifully and accurately to every single touch made by the player. It also has a unique aesthetic design, featuring a bright pearlescent base, and coloured accents of red, blue and yellow. As well as the official FIFA World Cup™ 2022 official ball, you can also find a range of colourful Al Rihla club balls and training balls.

Play your best game

When you kick the ball, the way it’s made matters. And adidas FIFA World Cup™ balls are up to the high standard you’d expect from a ball designed to be used by the world’s top players at the highest level of international football. Our World Cup balls have exceptional flight characteristics that enable them to soar accurately and precisely through the air, and roll across the pitch with pace and consistency.

Excellence by design

adidas World Cup balls are manufactured using internal rubber bladders and strong durable materials such as polyurethane and artificial leather to give the best feel on contact. Seamless construction ensures the ball is robust, durable, and ready for anything. Whether you opt for an official match ball, a FIFA club ball, or a training edition, adidas has you covered with this range of official World Cup footballs.