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If you’re looking to secure some of the most hyped releases on CONFIRMED, getting your hands on one of the limited drops can often feel like a tough game to play. Our goal is to provide the fairest, most secure way for our members to shop, and every day we’re getting better at making that possible. To give you a clear understanding of how that works, we’ll break down our release mechanics one-by-one, so you know what’s going on during every drop and how to make sure you’re best set up to win.

What is a release mechanic?

Release mechanics are the systems adidas uses to manage the demand for exclusive products in a measured and controlled way. They were built to provide fairness for everyone to get a chance to shop one of the latest releases. CONFIRMED uses three types of release mechanics: Draw, Queue and Invite. Each offers a different purpose.

Why does CONFIRMED use release mechanics?

It's important to us that people who love a product get a fair and secure chance to cop. That’s why we’ve developed a series of complex mechanics, so real people can access the drops they want, with the best experience for every drop.

Which mechanic we use depends on the demand, availability, strategy and distribution of a drop. And each mechanic is customized to offer the best approach for each drop, using a mix of technical elements that allow us to assess demand, verify information and ease traffic load on our app. Based on this rating, we may drop a product with a mechanic or by a first come, first served approach.

Most importantly, the mechanics allow us to validate each and every user, evaluating their payment info, phone numbers, addresses, location data and more to try and prevent those gaming the system. That’s why you’re asked to become a member and verify your account before you can make a purchase.

How can I set myself up best to win?

Stay on top of the app! Make sure you always have the newest version of CONFIRMED and keep your profile up to date. That means inputting valid payment information and address info and enabling notifications and location services. Then, keep up with your notifications and read, favorite, and share the content you like. You never know what you’ll discover and what exclusive rewards we’ll send your way.

Find out more about each type of release mechanic and how they work below.