Get to know the many facets of the in-arena host of the Brooklyn Nets, founder and CEO of Love Squad, Peloton instructor, and adidas ambassador.

We took 5 with Ally and asked how she continues to push her multi-hyphenate career in different directions. Follow along for insight into how she motivates herself and inspires those around her to keep moving. While exploring new mediums, earning the newest hyphen in her title: Fashion Designer of the new Peloton x adidas collection launching this spring.


Continuously balancing an ambitious list of projects, it’s no wonder Ally Love never stops moving. When it comes to finding motivation, Ally learned a long time ago to stop asking “why me” and start asking “why NOT me”. A mentality that has allowed her to steer her career in many creative directions. Of course learning each new creative pursuit comes its own set of challenges. Instead of getting stuck though, Ally maintains momentum through physical movement. A crucial benefit to maintaining her holistic outlook; keeping her virtues close, her network closer, and to always keep pushing herself creatively.

"Having gratitude is really important to me, being able to be courageous is another concept of being bold."— boldness is a vivid quality that Ally brings with her in every pursuit.

A daring artist who isn’t afraid to try new things and take chances, with a willingness to trust her own ideas and take action.

Ally learned a long time ago to stop asking “why me” and start asking “why NOT me”

Each day Ally uses her bold energy to push those around her to take action. She wholeheartedly believes that the power of knowing yourself is the best guide in knowing others — along with knowing your star sign. “I'm Aries with the rising of a Leo, so I’m like the worst person ever, no I'm just kidding!” Ally jokes, but in seriousness it means she knows what she wants, and wears her heart on her sleeve— characteristics of a born leader. It’s not lost on Ally how far she’s come with the help of her network. She values building a safe space to connect and create alongside like-minded people.

Whether she’s teaching a Peloton class or running her own company, Ally is a constant leading force for her network. Just look at her most recent collaboration, where Ally fearlessly asked “Why not me?” and took on yet another medium: fashion design. When helping design for the adidas x Peloton collection, she was extremely involved, helping to pick the silhouettes, color, and materials alongside the design team. Incorporating her core values into the design process—seen in the bold pops of color and neons—a reminder of the bold energy Ally brings to everything she does. Ally made it clear that she wanted the products to stand out and push the envelope on what was expected of this collection. Just one more example of how Ally continues to drive the momentum for herself, and everyone around her.